The Studio

The Pilates Studio in Holland, Michigan



The Pilates Hive features Balanced Body equipment. You can expect to work out on the reformer, springboard, reformer/tower combo, Cadillac, ladder barrel and chairs. I tend to tailor the session to what I see going on in my clients bodies, therefore my classes are capped at four to maintain quality and attention to detail.

Balance and stability training may also be mixed into the sessions, depending upon the client’s need.

I incorporate work on the myofascial system with foam rollers and Yoga Tune Up® (YTU) tools in most sessions. These tools are available for purchase at the studio store, and I highly recommend them for at home use.


Myofascial Release Tools

I use a variety of methods and tools for myofascial release, as seen here. Releasing areas that are facilitated/constricted/tight allows for your body to respond better to the movement patterns I will ask it to perform. The releases we perform may be general in nature or very targeted and specific. I do offer most of these tools for purchase as well for your convenience in the studio “Store”.

Most classes begin with releasing and/or foam rolling. You are hereby forewarned.

Rollout Room

If you are so motivated (read “Type A”), you are welcome to arrive 10-15 minutes early for your session***, and spend time in the Rollout Room working on your myofascia with the rollers and YTU tools. There are posters and “how to” books in the room to guide you.

If you don’t arrive early, you may still be subjected to said myofascial work by your instructor….you are hereby forewarned. 😉

***First timer? Please do not use the Rollout Room until you have been acclimated to the tools by an instructor.


The Lounge

Stressed? Runnin’ and gunnin’ before you got to the studio?

Give yourself a few minutes to relax in the lounge. Help yourself to coffee, tea, or water. Rake the zen garden. Stack some Lake Michigan stones and build your own cairn (did you know these were used as trail markers along the way?). Breathe.

Your session will go better if you give yourself some time to decompress before we get started, if needed.