NeuroKinetic Therapy

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Do you have a nagging issue or pain that just won’t go away?


Is there one pesky muscle on your body that is always tight?

NeuroKinetic Therapy is a method that discovers the root cause of movement dysfunction, rather than chasing the symptoms. As a NKT practitioner, I employ a series of manual muscle tests to discern what patterns are functional vs. dysfunctional (despite them being called “muscle” tests, we are not really testing just one muscle as no muscle is an island. Muscles move in patterns.). These tests are actually looking for the neurological response, and therefore tend to be more light in touch.

After identifying the dysfunctional pattern, you will be assigned homework to correct it, thereby burning into the motor control center the new, efficient pattern. Remember – the pattern we are correcting is a neural pathway, not really a “muscle”. So small, slow and less is better.

Because the body carries its life experiences imprinted within it, we may find some strange (seemingly) patterns. Scars, surgeries, car accidents, whiplash. All these things leave their mark. This is why the Intake Form is so in depth, and why details are necessary.

Unraveling the layers of dysfunctional patterns with NKT may take anywhere from 5 or more sessions. Depending on the neurological response, there may be times where we switch from NKT to pilates or another form of movement therapy to give you a break. If we find ourselves at an impasse, I will be up front and we may be seeking out other avenues beyond my scope of practice.

I am the first and only LEVEL 3 certified NeuroKinetic Therapist in West Michigan.